Was mitbringen


Your ID or passport to cross country borders.

Your motorcycle driving license. Hint: store a digital version of it (photo) in the cloud. In case that you lose the original.


An EC bank card. Possibly a credit card. Maybe some cash in Euro or Dollar. Unless you are of Romanian nationality, you probably do not have RON (the local currency), and it is difficult to bring (bad to exchange abroad).


All weather clothes. Weather is unpredictable in the mountains, even in the summer.


We have all the protective gear for rental. Feel free to bring your own, either to save the rental price, or to have your own.

If you have, consider bringing your personal camel bag (rucksack with integrated drinking container).

Action cam, if you have one. We’re all about the fun, not so much about showing off. Still, if you enjoy using one then bring it along.

Health and good mood

Riding is more fun when healthy and with a positive attitude.


Riding is more fun with friends. Share great memories with your riding buddies.