Partnerek és barátok

A shout-out to our friends in the Enduro motorcycle sphere.

Bikes, maintenance, spare parts

Master Bike Cluj: where we buy brand new KTM beasts. They also do serious motorcycle repair and upgrades.

Authentic-Spirit: wild things for wild people. Vivo/Polus Center, Cluj. ATV, Motorcycle, Snowmobile, Side-By-Side, and equipment. We buy protective gear from this place.

Enduro Expert: quality spare parts for all brands of enduro motorcycles. We get spare parts here.

Piesemotor: it’s time to ride. We get spare parts here.

Sports clubs and hard enduro races

Master Bike Cluj Sports Club, accredited enduro club from Cluj, for race participation. Paul is a member.

Enduro Heniu, Bistrita-Nasaud, Romania. Yearly hard enduro motorcycle race for hobby to professional riders. Enduro Nuts helps with track marking, opening/closing tracks on race days, and Paul likes to participate in the race.

Hard enduro photography


Horia Radu: founding member of Enduro Nuts