Partners and Friends

A shout-out to our friends in the Enduro motorcycle sphere.

Bikes, maintenance, spare parts

Authentic-Spirit: wild things for wild people. Vivo/Polus Center, Cluj. ATV, Motorcycle, Snowmobile, Side-By-Side, and equipment. We buy protective gear from this place. They also have a site for motorcycles and a site for gear.

Enduro Expert: quality spare parts for all brands of enduro motorcycles. We get spare parts here.

Piesemotor: it’s time to ride. We get spare parts here.

Sports clubs and hard enduro races

Master Bike Cluj Sports Club, accredited enduro club from Cluj, for race participation. Paul is a member.

Enduro Heniu, Bistrita-Nasaud, Romania. Yearly hard enduro motorcycle race for hobby to professional riders. Enduro Nuts helps with track marking, opening/closing tracks on race days, and Paul likes to participate in the race.

Motorcycle YouTubers

KRANKiT, a motorcycle enthusiast from our home town Cluj. Tudor has come on tour with us several time and it’s always a pleasure to ride with him.

Stefan Meitinger, a German adventure motorcycle YouTuber. Stefan has come on a 3-day adventure round trip with us and he’s a great and fun guy, it was an awesome experience.

Hard enduro photography Irina has provided us some professional grade photos from hard enduro races where we participate. But see for yourself and check out her photography page. Also, she has been on our enduro trainings as a rider herself.


Horia Radu: founding member of Enduro Nuts.