We offer the full set of equipment and protective gear, from head to toe. Disinfected and everyday fresh.


Enduro helmet, with sun roof. Mostly for sun, wind and rain protection, very rarely for impact.

Brand and model: Fox V1


Enduro goggles, transparent. Why you need glasses on an Enduro tour: to protect your face from the dirt that spins from the wheel of the person in front of you. And to protect your eyes from flies and other insects. We ride with transparent goggles because trails run through forests. The helmet has a sun roof.

Brand: 100%

Body protector

Light body armour. Good to have, and you look like Hulk in photos. Rarely needed for impact.

Brand and model: Leatt AirFit


Enduro shirt, comes on top of the body armour. Protects body armour from dirt and damage. And makes you look like a pro racer.

Brand: Fly Racing, model Kinetic


Enduro gloves. Thin for a good grip and great feel on the gas. Not much protection on impact. (The bikes are equipped with hand guards to protect your hands.)

Brand: Fly Racing, model Kinetic

Knee protectors

Solid knee and shin protector. These are important. They prevent overstretching of the knee. And there is the occasional hit against the legs from pieces of wood.

Brand: Leatt Dual Axis

Elbow protectors

Brand: Fox Enduro Pro


Enduro pants, they come over the knee protectors and your personal underwear. You’d look silly without these.

Brand: Fly Racing, model Kinetic


Solid, military-grade, high waterproof boots. They come up almost to the knees. The boots are the protective equipment that get the most impact. From pieces of wood, rocks, touch downs.

Brand and model: Gaerne GX1


Limited availability. Small Enduro backpack for phone, wallet, water. Can be equipped with camel bag for water.

Brand: Decathlon Rockrider

Not provided by us: personal underwear

Underpants. Any shape and colour you like.

Knee-long socks. We strongly recommend long socks, else the velcro fastener will be directly on your skin, and it is not too comfortable.