Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know my riding level?

Follow the self assessment.

Isn’t it too hot in the summer?

No. It’s Romania, not Greece, and we ride in the mountains, higher altitudes, and in forests. It’s wonderful. Sure, it can get hot on difficult terrain when pushing the bike, but this depends on choice of route and tour type and riding level. And in the end it’s a sport. Summer is a great time for riding here, the days are long. Romaniacs takes place in mid summer also. At the same time, there are mornings when it’s quite cold in the mountains even in July and August. More on weather and seasons.

Do I have to come as a group?

No! Riding is best with friends. If you have like-minded friends who have time to come with you, bring them along. If not, come and make new friends.

Groups are made up of riders of similar skill level. And each tour has its style (adventure tour, hard enduro, ride & learn). Tell us a) your riding level b) your desired tour type c) your dates and we tell you what is possible. First come first served.

When do you have tours? I would like this and that.

Yes. We ride the whole season. We open tours based on the proven first-come approach. The group or person who inquires first for specific dates (and reserves the spots) has those dates fixed for their riding level and tour type. For example when a group of 2 riders books May 1-5 for an adventure tour on intermediate level, that’s fixed. We may add more riders of the same experience level to this group. We will not change the riding level or tour type for this group.

Will the tour take place?

Guaranteed. We do tours even if there is only 1 guest for a certain date. We have alternative tour guides in case one falls sick. Our bikes are new and maintained in perfect shape. If one fails, it will be repaired overnight or a replacement will be available. If the weather looks grim, we are ready for the challenge. You see, nothing can stop us.

Can I bring my own equipment?

Yes, there is a discount on the price lists if you use all of your own.

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes, there is a discount on the price lists if you bring your own bike. It has to be a light sports enduro bike, like our hard enduro motorcycles. Heavier enduro bikes are not suited for the trails and tracks of our tours. Please note that you’re in charge of your bike, and there is not much we can help your bike with in case it fails in the middle of nowhere.

Can I send my personal equipment by post?

Possibly. Packages arrive by private courier like DHL. Best is to send to the hotel, where it is received at the reception around the clock. You need to specify the complete address to the destination, with a phone number. We from EnduroNuts do not handle receiving and sending back packages.

Can I rent the bike alone, without tour and guide?

No, most likely not. Except for our race assistance. First, we need the bikes for our tours. Second, you can’t really go alone without guide anyway, it causes problems. Third, depending on your level, it can be dangerous. If we do rent out a bike, then only to an experienced rider, whom we know personally, for a special occasion.