Tours for Content Creators

A tour just for you. On the most awesome tracks, to the most picturesque views. Spending as much time as it takes to film, from multiple angles. To get the best footage. To tell your story.

Romania is the off-road motorcycle paradise. People from all over the world have heard stories, have seen videos, and some have been here. Those who have had the pleasure all have plans to return.

Are you a YouTuber? We offer you a journey on our light hard enduro bikes that take you anywhere.

This is a win-win-win partnership: You as content producer win by enjoying a great experience and making an awesome video about it, gaining additional viewers and subscribers, and with that come satisfaction and economical possibilities. Your current and future audience wins by getting great content to consume, to dream. And we win by the exposure to your audience, to offer our tours and experiences to more riders.


  1. You got a personal invitation as content producer, and you’re interested? Great.
  2. Choose one of our enduro tours or training packages with bike and hotel that suits you, at a 50% discount.
  3. Read the full page here, and contact us to book your stay.


You find more on the other tour pages.

What you get from us

  • Everything according to the tour you choose, with bike and hotel.
  • All our filming footage from the tour, from our GoPros and our drone and mirrorless camera on a gimbal, and the photos.
  • The tour completely organized, with track and sleepovers, according to your preferences.
  • Tour just for you, possibly with other content creators, no other “regular” guests, to have all the time and patience for filming.
  • Our commitment. As with any other guest, it is our pleasure to provide the best experience. See some testimonials.

As we get mentioned in your content, with links to website and YT channel, you also get exposure and shout-outs on all our social channels, including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter. Your tour video, channel and socials will be linked from our website.

How much we charge

To cover some of our expenses, we ask for a reduced price: 50% of any of the offerings on our tours page. Again: this includes the hotel, so we “work for free” (but enjoy the fun).

Other expenses for you:

  • getting here (for example by airplane)
  • dinner and drinks (very affordable in Romania)
  • insurance is up to you (as always)
  • bike damage (happens rarely)

Why personal tour

It is simply impossible to get the video material you want on a regular tour in Romania with 4, 6 or even more riders. There’s no time to stop and film. You’d end up having only the footage from your GoPro, and that’s not enough for a good story telling. Also, note that cameras attached to motorcycles don’t work for this kind of off-road, there’s too much shaking, the footage is generally not usable. The GoPro has to be mounted on the helmet or body.

When to come

The best time is June to October because of the colors of the forests. In early spring it’s all too brown, and there could be snow. Summer is strong green, that’s nice. Autumn is colorful too, and nice, but days are shorter, and there’s more rain.


If you can ride motorcycles with gear shifting, then that’s enough. You don’t need off-road experience (sure, it helps). You’ll learn it, and we can adapt the routes to your skills. Check the different tour types we offer.

What’s in it for you?

  • First of all, a great experience.
  • Awesome content for your YouTube channel. Grow your subscriber base, entertain your existing followers.
  • If your channel is monetized already, get income. If not, work towards that goal.

In September 2022 the German YouTuber Stefan Meitinger was with us on tour. See his YouTube video, photos and more.

Contact us

If you’re interested, contact us to plan your stay.