Stefan Meitinger Tour 2022

Stefan is a motorcycle enthusiast from Germany who started a YouTube channel a few years ago to upload documentaries of his motorcycle expeditions. In September 2022 he traveled through Romania on his heavy Suzuki V-Strom adventure enduro bike, and we invited him to try some real off-roading on our light hard enduro bikes. We had a blast on our 3-day tour through the Transylvanian mountains.

Stefan’s YouTube Video

“Noch nie zuvor hatte ich so viel Spaß auf zwei Rädern 😃👍🏻”
(“Never before did I have so much fun on two wheels”)

Stefan Meitinger (see his Insta Post)

Although Stefan never sat on a light enduro motorcycle before, he figured it out instantly, and wanted to keep it 😉 These sports bikes truly are fun little toys.

Stefan Meitinger
YouTube channel:
Instagram: @stefan_meitinger__adventures

“Mega geil” (“super cool”), Stefan’s favorite words on the tour.

If you’d like to get the experience first hand, come join us on a journey through the Carpathian mountains.