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iulie 2, 2022

Our calendar shows upcoming races, trainings, and other hard-enduro related events.

The next two big events are the Electric Castle and the Ditrocks race.

Race: Hard Enduro Heniu, Romania 2022

mai 23, 2022
  • Period: May 27-29, 2022, 8th edition
  • Contest location: Prundu Bargaului
  • HEH is an OPEN type competition, open to both Romanian and non-Romanian competitors.

Enduro Nuts will support the event by helping with marking the track.

End of Covid-19 restrictions

aprilie 24, 2022

All restrictions lifted! Romania is open and back to normal.

  • no entry restrictions. no vaccine/pass/test needed. no passenger locator forms. nothing.
  • no quarantine.
  • no masks (not mandatory, recommended in some places).
  • pubs, clubs, shopping, restaurants are all open.